Feeling 25 Again!

From Mai…

I just had a birthday on June 5th and I gave myself the best birthday present ever- the gift of turning back the hands of time!

I know that sounds real corny but it’s true.

What I mean by that is the fact that my physical stamina endured a 3 hour match the day after I turned 39.

Here’s what happened…

I was assigned to play singles for the Berkeley Tennis Club in a 5.0 ladies league match.

It was a warm and sunny day with a very light breeze, perfect weather for a tennis game so I prepped myself and made my morning Pro-XTtreme smoothie, sipped my Winrgy throughout the day, and took my Biolean and Sure2Endure about 1 hour prior to my match.

Of course, I had a couple of meals before the match.

Match time was 4:30pm.

We begin our singles and wow, our points were long and hard, but I felt energized.

After we split sets, I took another packet of Sure2Endure, because usually by this time, I start cramping.

It’s been a big problem for me in the past when I’m playing long close matches on a hot day.

It would start in my calves and slowly make it’s way up into my upper body, finally ending up in my hands and with the end result being cramped up and defeated!

Well, not this time!

I competed fully energized and won the third set 7-5.

The best part about this whole experience was that my body never cramped.   I definitely give full credit to the Sure2Endure and my pre-match morning drinks.

And let me tell you that a real bonus was the following day I felt like just another great day.

The recovery time never existed. So that was my birthday present to myself- my body feeling 25 again!


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