2 A Days

The last couple of days have felt as good as I have since I started taking the WIN products.

Really amazed at how quickly I recover from my morning workout and can now go full steam for a 2nd afternoon workout without feeling tired or weak.

The key may be taking the protein shake, ProXtreme, within 30 minutes after the morning workout.

Whatever it is, the specif cproducts and/or the combination, I am feeling better than I have foir a long time.

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Didn’t Want To Stop

Really a great on court workout with my tennis bud Steve Cornell this morning.

Sprints after we were done, and then up to the gym for weights, crunchies, stretching, and some shoulder icing.

BUT, I was hungry for more.  I had an appointment that I had to get to and that’s the only reason I stopped.

Sure2Endure is just amazing.  Combined with BioLean and Winrgy, it is just a great formulation for a non jittery sustained energy where I feel strong throughout.

I was so skeptical of this supplement stuff in the beginning, but that’s all changed.  Wow…!

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Workout With The Boys

Another Wednesday early morning on court workout at the Berkeley TC with Steve and Carlos.

Had to run out of the house to get there on time and only gulped down a piece of toast, banana, Sure@Endure, BioLean, and Mass Appeal.

Felt incredibly strong throughout the on court 75 minutes 2 on 1 drills and then headed upstairs for 20 minutes of stationary cardio, crunchies, arm weights and stretch bands, and then stretching, foam roller, and icing.

I’m still so amazed at the sustained energy I’m getting throughout the duration of the total time, BUT more important for me is the recovery time.

Just no more soreness and I’m ready to go again either later in the afternoon or the next day fresh as a daisy.

I’m a believer…!


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Hot Day & The Guys Want To Quit?

Beautifully hot today, and after 3 sets of doubles, the fellas all wanted to quit.

I’m like, “guys, come one, let’s play another!”

No takers, they all bagged – I was on my own.

So, I headed on up to the fitness room at the Berkeley TC and finished up with 20 minutes on the stationary, lots of abs, weights, and then some stretching while icing down the shoulder.

I’m really feeling the effects lately of how the WIN products are helping me sustain good s0lid workouts day after day.

Mai and I are headed up to the Sierras  tomorrow in our motor home for a little R & R.

She loves to fish, I like to mountain bike, so it’ll be nice to get away for a few days.

Doubt if we’ll have internet access up there, so any future updates will have to wait until Friday.

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On Court WorkOut With Corny

I had a really great workout this morning at the Berkeley Tennis Club despite the fact that I was burning the midnight oil until late last night with some http://www.WebTennis.com projects.

Only got about 5 hours of sleep because I gad to be out the door at 7:30 to meet my good pal Steve Cornell at the BTC by 8am.

Started off with 75 minutes with Corny on the court doing lots of cross court groundstroke drills, lots of overhead/volley drills, and then finishing up with some shadow doubles cross court points.

Then up to the workout room where I got on the stationary for 20 minutes, did my crunchies, weights, and finished up with icing the shoulder while stretching out the legs.

I’m not saying that’s the biggest workout regime of all time, but what I am saying is that I now feel I can get one of those in every day without feeling sore.

That wasn’t possible for me the past few years.

To me, taking the WIN products equates to a better workout more often which means improvement with my tennis.  I’m all over that concept!

What I Take – About an hour before my workouts I’m taking BioLean (and some other WIN supplements) with a ProExtreme shake that Mai makes with lots of fruit, then a couple of pieces of toast, and 20 minutes or so before my workout I’m gobbling down a packet of Sure2Endure.

I’m also sipping my Winrgy mixture with water throughout the workout.

The BioLean gets me up and going, the Sure2Endure really solidifies my workout energy AND helps me recover after, while the Winrgy also keeps my energy level up and solidified.

I am still amazed at how well these products work.

Not only for the increased energy / strength levels I feel during my on and off court workouts, but also how great I feel afterwards without having to deal with any more soreness or pain.

How To Sample

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Father’s Day Weekend – No one’s out hiking me!

Father’s Day – What a cool concept!

I really had a great time with my 3 daughters this past weekend camping at Caples Lake off of Hwy 88 up by Kirkwood.

We really didn’t do much hiking, in fact, not a lot of exercise at all.

Molly had to study for a big test, Cassie was taking it real easy, and Georgie did some bouldering where I took some video and pics.

But, I felt great all weekend, really energized, and felt different than I have in the past when I went camping.

I know the WIN products I’m taking are really starting to make a difference.  Granted, it’s only been 2 months, but it’s no longer what I feel some of the time, it’s what I now feel all of the time.

The BioLean seems to make a difference, not only as a detoxifier, but as a tangible smooth energy boost.

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Got any questions?  Send me or Mai an email to brent@maiswellness.com or mai@maiswellness.com.

Feeling 25 Again!

From Mai…

I just had a birthday on June 5th and I gave myself the best birthday present ever- the gift of turning back the hands of time!

I know that sounds real corny but it’s true.

What I mean by that is the fact that my physical stamina endured a 3 hour match the day after I turned 39.

Here’s what happened…

I was assigned to play singles for the Berkeley Tennis Club in a 5.0 ladies league match.

It was a warm and sunny day with a very light breeze, perfect weather for a tennis game so I prepped myself and made my morning Pro-XTtreme smoothie, sipped my Winrgy throughout the day, and took my Biolean and Sure2Endure about 1 hour prior to my match.

Of course, I had a couple of meals before the match.

Match time was 4:30pm.

We begin our singles and wow, our points were long and hard, but I felt energized.

After we split sets, I took another packet of Sure2Endure, because usually by this time, I start cramping.

It’s been a big problem for me in the past when I’m playing long close matches on a hot day.

It would start in my calves and slowly make it’s way up into my upper body, finally ending up in my hands and with the end result being cramped up and defeated!

Well, not this time!

I competed fully energized and won the third set 7-5.

The best part about this whole experience was that my body never cramped.   I definitely give full credit to the Sure2Endure and my pre-match morning drinks.

And let me tell you that a real bonus was the following day I felt like just another great day.

The recovery time never existed. So that was my birthday present to myself- my body feeling 25 again!


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Monster Off Court Workout – Where’s The Pain?

I mentioned in my last post that Mai and I were going to start taking the ProExtreme a few days ago.

Can’t really tell any tangible difference yet as I’ve been able to since day 1 when we started taking BioLean, Winrgy, and Sure2Endure.

But maybe it’s working behind the scenes because today I decided to really go for a big off court workout.

  • Stationary bike for 20 minutes
  • Abs, weights, stretch band strengthening for 15 minutes
  • Stairs & hill running behind the club for 20 minutes
  • Stationary bike for another 20 minutes
  • Abs, weights, stretch band strengthening for another 15 minutes
  • And a stretching session for 15 minutes

I never felt tired, never felt I had to push myself past a comfortable level, and felt a nice even keel energy level throughout the entire workout.

Sweating, burning fat, feeling stronger, and dare I say, feeling just a bit younger!

The BioLean is amazing as I’m starting to understand how it works.

It heats up your core, gets your metabolism working, feels like it’s burning all available fat, and is also detoxifying.

The Sure2Endure is oxygenating my blood which is giving me a nice sense of natural energy.

I love it!

I really never believed in this stuff before.  Always thought that Wellness products were just glorified vitamins and just a bunch of crap.

But I was wrong.  I’m getting that there are really good alternatives out there to help with energy and recovery and weight loss.

More in a few days…


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Workout Recovery Is Amazing

I’ve been taking a daily dose of BioLean in the mornings, Sure2Endure just before tennis or workouts, sipping Winrgy throughout the day, Omega3 in the morning, lunch, & dinner, and in addition to feeling a tangible difference in my energy levels in both my exercise activities and when I’m at the computer working, I’m amazed at how fast I’m recovering from those on court and off court workouts.

I don’t seem to ever feel sore.

I know it’s only been about 10 days of using these WIN products, but I didn’t really consider this benefit of simply not being sore or hurting immediately after or the next morning.  Wow!

We just got WIN’s protein powder product, ProExtreme, that Mai and I will start taking tomorrow morning.

We’ve been making a fruit/yogurt shake in the mornings for years, but we want to add ProExtreme to it and see if we can get some additional benefits.


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1st Tennis After The National Hardcourts

I took a few days off after just finishing up the USA National 60s Hardcourt tournament in Palm Springs, CA.

Played alot of singles & doubles matches, and as usual, was pretty beat up for a few days afterwards.

So, started taking Winrgy, BioLean, and Sure2Endure this morning, then went back out on the tennis court earlier today for the first time since the Hardcourts, and played and felt great.

I really liked the feeling of the nergy level I felt.

I was a bit skeptical thinking that energy style supplements / drinks would just load me up on sugar and caffiene and get me all jittery.

I never felt that at any point today.  Just a nice clear energized feeling that lasted throughout our doubles match.


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