50+ Year Old Takes Out The Youngsters!

Chris Ramsower-Pearlstein is a top USA senior tennis player and a good friend of ours.

Chris wrote to us recently and told us about how she feels the WIN products have made a big difference in her tennis game.

Not that Chris needed a lot of help.  Chris has won several national titles over the years, but like the rest of us, age can find a way to take its toll!

Not with Chris…

Hi Mai and Brent.

I’ve got a quick story to share with you that shows just how much I love the WIN products.

In November 2009 we had our Northern California Intersectional Team competing in Naples, Florida against the best teams representing the rest of the country. The format was three (3) singles and two (2) doubles each day of the four day event.

By the second day of competition our team was already decimated by injuries and it was on this day that I ended up playing the longest singles match of my career.

It was tough, grueling, humid and hot.  We started at 8:30AM and finished at 12:30PM.

It wasn’t until I got off the court that I realized four hour hours had passed. Oh, by the way, I won!

Now the real test….with our team reduced to four players by injuries I knew that I would be playing singles and doubles on each of the following two days.

How quickly would I be able to recover? That question was answered the next morning when I awoke with minimal soreness, no stiffness and felt about 95%.

I played that day and the following in both singles and doubles with the final day culminating in two long three (3) set matches.  I won the singles and lost in doubles. Not bad for a fifty something old girl playing the 45’s.

When several players asked how I played so much tennis and stayed in one piece I felt my pre- match conditioning program was the foundation but more importantly I feel the natural food supplement regimen that I have been on for the last two years played a huge role.

Hope you guys are well.  Look for to seeing down here in the desert soon.


P.S. – This is my daily competition day intake:

Sure2Endure - Increases physical endurance and stamina, reduces lactic acid build up, cramps and supports joint integrity.
Mass Appeal -Enhances performance, reduces muscle breakdown and reduces fatigue and recovery time ProXtreme-Provides the high grade and absorbable protein athletes need to power muscles and recover after strenuous matches.

Winrgy - Healthy nutritional energy drink which provides clarity and focus, even when fatigued on the court BioLean-is a detoxifier which I use for weight management on a daily basis, not just for matches.  Provides steady energy for those tough matches.

WinOmega3 - Pharmaceutical grade fish oil which is a powerful anti-inflammatory, eliminating my frequent use of Advil before and after matches.