On Court WorkOut With Corny

I had a really great workout this morning at the Berkeley Tennis Club despite the fact that I was burning the midnight oil until late last night with some http://www.WebTennis.com projects.

Only got about 5 hours of sleep because I gad to be out the door at 7:30 to meet my good pal Steve Cornell at the BTC by 8am.

Started off with 75 minutes with Corny on the court doing lots of cross court groundstroke drills, lots of overhead/volley drills, and then finishing up with some shadow doubles cross court points.

Then up to the workout room where I got on the stationary for 20 minutes, did my crunchies, weights, and finished up with icing the shoulder while stretching out the legs.

I’m not saying that’s the biggest workout regime of all time, but what I am saying is that I now feel I can get one of those in every day without feeling sore.

That wasn’t possible for me the past few years.

To me, taking the WIN products equates to a better workout more often which means improvement with my tennis.  I’m all over that concept!

What I Take – About an hour before my workouts I’m taking BioLean (and some other WIN supplements) with a ProExtreme shake that Mai makes with lots of fruit, then a couple of pieces of toast, and 20 minutes or so before my workout I’m gobbling down a packet of Sure2Endure.

I’m also sipping my Winrgy mixture with water throughout the workout.

The BioLean gets me up and going, the Sure2Endure really solidifies my workout energy AND helps me recover after, while the Winrgy also keeps my energy level up and solidified.

I am still amazed at how well these products work.

Not only for the increased energy / strength levels I feel during my on and off court workouts, but also how great I feel afterwards without having to deal with any more soreness or pain.

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