Father’s Day Weekend – No one’s out hiking me!

Father’s Day – What a cool concept!

I really had a great time with my 3 daughters this past weekend camping at Caples Lake off of Hwy 88 up by Kirkwood.

We really didn’t do much hiking, in fact, not a lot of exercise at all.

Molly had to study for a big test, Cassie was taking it real easy, and Georgie did some bouldering where I took some video and pics.

But, I felt great all weekend, really energized, and felt different than I have in the past when I went camping.

I know the WIN products I’m taking are really starting to make a difference.  Granted, it’s only been 2 months, but it’s no longer what I feel some of the time, it’s what I now feel all of the time.

The BioLean seems to make a difference, not only as a detoxifier, but as a tangible smooth energy boost.

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