Monster Off Court Workout – Where’s The Pain?

I mentioned in my last post that Mai and I were going to start taking the ProExtreme a few days ago.

Can’t really tell any tangible difference yet as I’ve been able to since day 1 when we started taking BioLean, Winrgy, and Sure2Endure.

But maybe it’s working behind the scenes because today I decided to really go for a big off court workout.

  • Stationary bike for 20 minutes
  • Abs, weights, stretch band strengthening for 15 minutes
  • Stairs & hill running behind the club for 20 minutes
  • Stationary bike for another 20 minutes
  • Abs, weights, stretch band strengthening for another 15 minutes
  • And a stretching session for 15 minutes

I never felt tired, never felt I had to push myself past a comfortable level, and felt a nice even keel energy level throughout the entire workout.

Sweating, burning fat, feeling stronger, and dare I say, feeling just a bit younger!

The BioLean is amazing as I’m starting to understand how it works.

It heats up your core, gets your metabolism working, feels like it’s burning all available fat, and is also detoxifying.

The Sure2Endure is oxygenating my blood which is giving me a nice sense of natural energy.

I love it!

I really never believed in this stuff before.  Always thought that Wellness products were just glorified vitamins and just a bunch of crap.

But I was wrong.  I’m getting that there are really good alternatives out there to help with energy and recovery and weight loss.

More in a few days…


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