Workout Recovery Is Amazing

I’ve been taking a daily dose of BioLean in the mornings, Sure2Endure just before tennis or workouts, sipping Winrgy throughout the day, Omega3 in the morning, lunch, & dinner, and in addition to feeling a tangible difference in my energy levels in both my exercise activities and when I’m at the computer working, I’m amazed at how fast I’m recovering from those on court and off court workouts.

I don’t seem to ever feel sore.

I know it’s only been about 10 days of using these WIN products, but I didn’t really consider this benefit of simply not being sore or hurting immediately after or the next morning.  Wow!

We just got WIN’s protein powder product, ProExtreme, that Mai and I will start taking tomorrow morning.

We’ve been making a fruit/yogurt shake in the mornings for years, but we want to add ProExtreme to it and see if we can get some additional benefits.


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